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4 Things To Look Out For In A Quality RES Course Provider

If you are thinking about starting a career in the real estate industry, there is no better time than now. With the current trends of the property market in Singapore, there are plenty of opportunities for those who are ready to take advantage of them. Here we will discuss the foundation of becoming a successful real estate salesperson, and provide you with some tips to get started. So if you’re ready to jump into one of the most exciting and lucrative careers out there, keep reading!


To take your first step as a real estate salesperson in Singapore. you’ll need to be certified and licensed. The best option is to go for the gold standard Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course. One of the criteria to register as a real estate salesperson is to pass the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) RES Examination or have a qualification that’s equivalent. By taking up the real estate salesperson course with a reputable and established course provider means you’ll be getting maximum learning and knowledge transfer of the syllabus that’s stipulated by the CEA. 


You’ll also be adequately prepared for the examination, which consists of 2 papers. At least a pass is required for both papers to qualify for registration. Additionally, SkillsFuture and NTUC UTAP subsidies are applicable for the RES course if you meet the eligibility criteria. Once you’ve met CEA’s prerequisites to register for the RES course, here’s what to look out for to assess the quality and suitability of an approved course provider before embarking on your education journey:


1. Value-added Learning Experience

Qualified and experienced teaching professionals make all the difference in learning and eventually passing the RES examination successfully. For expert guidance and assistance, look for a strong team of faculty members who have in-depth knowledge of the syllabus and property industry experience. KEOs and industry leaders can impart wisdom with real-life examples that go beyond the learning materials. With these practical and hands-on insights, the RES learning curve becomes much more manageable and you set off on the path to success armed with the best practices.


2. Comprehensive Training Resources

To complete the RES training course, you’ll need access to quality and comprehensive training resources that give you the latest- up-to-date knowledge. A quality course provider will be able to provide you with the best study materials to guide you through your study and examination. Your learning process is simplified with easy-to-understand resources that are given in formats best suited to your mode of study — in-person or online. You should also have revisions prior to the RES examination, with practice questions and mock tests for preparation through an online portal for ease and convenience. 


3. Modern Learning Facilities

There is a lot to cover with plenty of detailed information for the RES course syllabus. With this level of extensive studying, you should enrol with a course provider who has excellent facilities to better enable your learning. Look for conveniently located training centres that are easily accessible by public transport and have ample parking. The classrooms should have flexible room settings to accommodate various training needs and number of students, and come equipped with modern audio/video equipment to make lessons more engaging. 


4. Flexible Choice of Training Schedule

Often the working hours of a real estate salesperson can be unpredictable. You may also have personal commitments as well. Even though you’re fully dedicated to completing the RES course, it will be difficult to do so with inflexible class hours. A quality course provider will offer various class scheduling, such as day or evening, full or part time, so that you can fulfil your work and personal commitments while also attending classes.  


Choose Real Centre Network for Quality RES Training

Real Centre Network is a top-tier RES course provider in Singapore, with years of industry training experience. RCN has a consistent track record of passes at RES examinations and all our trainers are ACTA certified. With people in mind, our training methods address that by teaching students how to apply what they have learnt, they develop into real estate professionals who are confident and competent. Be assured of credibility and reliability in a real estate course provider. Speak to us today to find out more about our quality RES course.