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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses in Singapore

Do you have the required knowledge and skills to stay ahead?

Real Centre Network (RCN) is an authorised provider of CPD courses in Singapore to keep real estate salespersons up to date with the required knowledge and skills to stay ahead and succeed in the industry.


From 1 Oct 2019 (i.e. the 2019-2020 CPD cycle) onwards, KEOs, practising directors/partners and salespersons are required to fulfil a total of six credits under the new CPD framework, of which four of these credits must be from courses related to professional competencies and two credits must be from courses related to generic competencies.


You will be required to attend CPD courses under Generic Competencies to fulfil the CPD requirement. Credits under Generic Competencies cannot be substituted by credits obtained under Professional Competencies. This is to ensure that salespersons also focus on developing their competencies in other essential areas not directly related to their professional knowledge, such as service, leadership and digital literacy.


Fulfilling CPD hours is also a renewal licensing/registration condition stipulated in the Estate Agents (Licensing and Registration) Regulations 2010. Failure to comply will affect their registration and may lead to removal from the Public Register. 


The CPD requirement is to ensure that KEOs and Salespersons are equipped with the necessary professional knowledge in estate agency work and continuously upgrade themselves by keeping abreast of the latest changes in Government policies and procedures for property transactions. CEA places an important emphasis on core subjects as this help improve the professional effectiveness of KEOs and salespersons.


For more information on the CPD requirements, please refer to CEA’s website.

NOTE: ALL CPD Classes are conducted through Online Learning via Zoom.