Real Centre Network

Why RCN?

3 top reasons why many have chosen RCN as their preferred real estate training provider:

  • Our People: both trainers and staff at RCN are competent and committed in assisting you REALise your real estate education goals.
  • Our Training philosophy: We believe that knowledge alone is not enough, applying what you learned is what differentiates you in this profession.
  • Our Development: Good trainers produce good students; Good training methodology produce results; Application of the acquired knowledge develops character and your professionalism.

Other reasons include:

  • Consistent track record of passes at RES exams.
  • KEOs and industry leaders will value-add to the learning experience with real-life examples.
  • All trainers are ACTA (Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment) certified.
  • Fits your busy schedule with choices of day/evening/full time courses.
  • Online student learning portal for REA and RES course participants.