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4 Tips to Passing the RES Exams

The first step to success in the real estate industry is to pass the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) exams to obtain your real estate licence. This is the first milestone in a hopefully long and glittering career for aspiring real estate professionals. The RES exams are seen as an entrance examination and according to the Council of Estate Agency’s (CEA) regulatory framework, aspiring real estate salespersons must pass this compulsory exam to get to the next steps such as beginning real estate agency work.

The RES course and exams are a great opportunity for real estate professionals to learn and thoroughly understand workings of the real estate industry. After all, when your clients are purchasing a property with you, they may be making one of the most significant decisions of their lives, and so you would want to assist them to the best of your knowledge and ability. The RES training and exam enables real estate salespersons to perform this role with competence and confidence.

The idea of undertaking an examination might sound intimidating, especially for those of us who have not taken one in a long time. However, with the right training and preparation, you will be able to take and pass the RES exam with assurance. Let’s review some tips with Real Centre Network on passing the RES exams:

1. Attend the lessons

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised how many classes adult-learning students may miss due to their busy schedules. Lessons give you invaluable knowledge transfer from your trainers, as well as practical, hands-on learning. Your RES course may be offered in a classroom or online learning format. Some may prefer learning when they’re physically present in a classroom setting, while others prefer online lessons for their scheduling convenience. Choose and commit to what works best for your learning and daily schedule so that you will not have to skip many classes.

2. Use your study materials

Being a real estate professional involves more than just communication and sales skills. To be competent, you’ll need to know a large amount of real estate industry-related knowledge. From the various government bodies and policies to jargon and calculation formulas, attending lessons alone may not help you retain all that you are learning. Spending time to go over your study materials, and the notes you take in class can go a long way in helping you prepare for the RES exams. Take notes in a format that you find most suitable, such as pointers, mind maps or even note taking apps, and set aside time for regular revisions. After all, the goal is for you to remember and use this knowledge day-to-day as a real estate salesperson once you pass the RES exams.

3. Get help from your real estate network

Who better to understand the real estate course syllabus and the RES exams if not for those who have gone before you? Yes, you can rope in the expertise of other real estate professionals who have taken up the course and passed the exams! When you have additional questions about the exam or how certain things work in a real-life scenario, talking to your real estate friends can help. While they can’t replace a trainer, they may be able to provide additional perspective on challenges they faced with the exam or help you understand some topics better. You can also form a peer study group with other course mates for revisions and exam preparation.

4. Focus on the details 

During the exam, be sure to pay close attention to the questions, how they’re worded and the answers. Some of these questions or answers may seem similar, so properly understand them before putting down your answer choice. Start this practice while you’re revising and doing mock papers ahead of your RES exam. Circle back to questions that you’re not sure about, and take time to check your answers against the questions again.

Study for the RES exams with Real Centre Network

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